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From large-scale fences that contain animals or surround a property to smaller enclosures that are simply for show, fences are a large part of our landscape.  While a well-maintained fence has the ability to raise a property’s value and increase its appeal, fences that are dirty and uncared for can do just the opposite.  A fence that is covered in mold, mildew, and grass stains can quickly become an eyesore that destroys the aesthetic appearance of a property. 

Here at Lewisville Pressure Washing, we know how important it is to have a well-maintained fence and are proud to offer Lewisville fence cleaning services.  Whether your fence is made of wood, plastic, or another material, our team will know how to properly remove dirt and grime while restoring the enclosure so that it looks like new. 

Unlike some people who try to pressure wash fences with little to know training, our team is experienced and knows what it takes to remove build-up without damaging the fence.  We will apply just the right amount of pressure for just the right amount of time to strip away the dirt and restore the fence.

Whether you want to simply remove built up dirt on a plastic fence or want to strip away paint so that a wooden fence can be refinished, our team can help your dreams become a reality.  Let us know your wishes for your fence, and we will develop a plan to get started.  Thanks to our Lewisville fence cleaning, you can enjoy a beautiful, fresh fence that is both attractive and useful.  

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