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Public garages offer the perfect location for individuals to leave their cars while they go to appointments and shop; however, as the owner or manager of the garage, you’ve probably found that there is also a downside to them.  Public garages quickly become filthy thanks to greasy stains, debris from dirty tires, and chemicals that come from cars.  While dirt is unavoidable, a filthy parking garage can turn away drivers and attract pests.  Here at Lewisville Power Washing, we can help you to recover your public garage and make it an attractive area of which you can be proud!

Our team knows how to provide complete Lewisville public garage cleaning by sweeping away remaining debris and trash before power washing the concrete surfaces to remove built-up gunk and stains.  We have the tools and skills necessary to remove even obnoxious grease stains and chemical spots.  Once we are finished, your garage will be dirt-free and have a completely new appearance.

We are not intimidated by large jobs and even the biggest parking garages will be no match for our team of professionals.  We will come in and service your area in the quickest time possible, giving you the chance to keep drivers satisfied and able to park when needed. 

Dirty public garages can quickly become a dangerous hazard where built-up filth can cause problems while guests try to park and walk to their destination.  At Lewisville Power Washing, we are proud to provide the services necessary to remove unwanted dirt and make the garage look fresh and inviting. 

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